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Welcome to the Departmental Permit System

This website is intended to allow campus departments to order various permit types for departmental use, including:

  • "Booklets" of one-day-use Departmental Guest Permits (DGP's)
  • "EasyPark" - Personal parking meters (more information)
  • Departmental "A" or "C" permits

Departmental Guest Permits (DGP's) may be distributed to visiting non-UC paid faculty, guests, and other campus visitors. DGP's may be issued on an as needed basis to guests and are valid only for the date of issuance (Permit dates must be completed in ink). Departmental Guest Parking Permits may not be used by UC Davis students or paid faculty/staff members Permits are non-refundable and must be replaced at the expense of the department.

All orders placed on this website will take two business days for processing. If you need expedited processing, please call TAPS at (530) 752-8277.

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